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"We help businesses enhance online platforms to increase the number of customers/clients to their business, helping strengthen your brand and elevate your business to the next level"

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AD campaign

  • Create 

  • Manage

  • Content variety

  • Information collection

  • Multiple platform utilization (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc)

  • Retarget

  • Data analysis & Report

  • Video

email list

  • Build

  • Manage

  • Create offers to keep client base engaged

  • Re-target

  • Data analysis & Report


  • Create

  • Develop 

  • Manage

  • Collaboration

  • Data analysis & Report

  • 360 Virtual 3D Tours

  • Video Creation


  • Website design techniques and why they work

  • Social media tricks to grow client base organically

  • Content variety tips to ensure client base engagement

  • Tools to expand business and generate customer loyalty

Social media

  • Create Account

  • Grow client base

  • Manage and interact with followers

  • Run ad campaigns

  • Data analysis & Report

  • Google SEO

  • Video Creation

  • Re-target



Here at SocialTech Marketing, our purpose is to help increase your number of clients/customers, expand your business, and help create or improve your brand. With our team of experts in every category, we can cater to your every need in digital marketing. 


Most of our knowledge about social media marketing comes from an amazing program created by one of the top social media marketers in the world, Tai Lopez. We have learned how to utilize marketing through social media to generate the most customers and create a professional and personalized online presence for our clients. When it comes to clients, it is our mission to consistently communicate, work in union to strategize, manage analytics, and utilize our cutting edge marketing secrets to expand your business. The greatest thing about this business is that we are able to perform our services for anyone, anywhere in the world. Contact us now to book your free consultation and see what we can do for your Business today!


Francisco Lanz and  Gilberto Anaya. We were born and raised in Tucson Arizona, we are always striving to improve ourselves in every single way possible. Before we started this business, we worked for a marketing company where we learned a skill set and picked up tools that we are able to transfer over into this business. We have the drive and passion to continue bettering ourselves and expanding our knowledge in the marketing world.

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Francisco Lanz,
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